CHIRON, also known as the "wounded healer," is a centaur and minor planet that orbits between SATURN and URANUS. It was discovered in 1977 and named after the mythological figure CHIRON, who was a teacher and healer in Greek mythology. In astrology, CHIRON is associated with healing, spirituality, and personal growth.

 One of the most significant aspects of CHIRON is its placement in our natal charts. The sign and house placement of CHIRON can give insight into where we may have experienced deep wounds or trauma in our lives, as well as where we have the potential for healing and transformation. For example, if CHIRON is placed in the first house, it may indicate a wound related to self-identity and the way we present ourselves to the world. If CHIRON is placed in the seventh house, it may indicate a wound related to relationships and how we connect with others.

 In addition to its placement, the aspects CHIRON makes to other planets in our natal chart can also provide insight into how we deal with and heal from these wounds. For example, a trine aspect between CHIRON and VENUS may indicate a natural ability to use our creativity and self-expression as a means of healing and transformation. On the other hand, a square aspect between CHIRON and MARS may indicate a tendency to use anger or aggression as a way of coping with past wounds.

 As with any astrological symbol, CHIRONS energies can manifest in both positive and negative ways. On the positive side, CHIRON can represent our ability to turn our wounds into wisdom and to use our experiences as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. On the negative side, CHIRON can indicate a tendency to constantly seek external validation or to avoid dealing with our wounds altogether.

 One of the most important things to remember about CHIRON is that it is a symbol of healing. This means that it is often through facing and dealing with our wounds that we are able to grow and transform. It is important to approach CHIRON with a sense of curiosity and compassion, rather than judgment or fear.

 In conclusion, CHIRON is a powerful and often misunderstood symbol in astrology. Its placement and aspects in our natal charts can provide insight into the wounds and traumas we have experienced, as well as our potential for healing and transformation. By understanding and working with CHIRONS energies, we can learn to turn our wounds into wisdom and use our experiences as a catalyst for personal growth.

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