About Us

Everything in life is cyclical. On Gaia (Earth), we have the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Every season is a representation of states of conscious. The warmer months are for manifestations. The colder months are for inward reflections. Astrology is cyclical as well. In astrology, we have the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Breaking this concept down even further, every one of the zodiac symbols is assigned to one of the elements. Every element has special attributes and abilities, and every zodiac symbol has a unique character archetype that is unique to their frequency.

Earth Signs (Sensation): Capricorn (Cardinal), Virgo (Mutable), Taurus (Fixed)

Water Signs (Emotion): Cancer (Cardinal), Pisces (Mutable), Scorpio (Fixed)

Fire Signs (Passion): Aries (Carinal), Sagittarius (Mutable), Leo (Fixed)

Air Signs (Intellection): Libra (Cardinal), Gemini (Mutable), Aquarius (Fixed)

Our purpose in life is to understand who we are as human beings. Life is about discovery, adventure, and challenges that help you grow as a person. The reason souls incarnate is to understand their purpose, their talents, and their limits. The element and zodiac that you were assigned at birth, can guide you through this process. Remember: The zodiac is a representation, meant to be relatable, and not an absolute description of who you are. It will not describe you down to your last atom because of your cosmic uniqueness, but you will share many qualities of strengths and weaknesses with others in your element and zodiac. Self discovery  and self understanding is our main mission at Omnithreads. Join us on this personal journey and unearth your true self! Whether your team Fire, team Water, team Air, or team Earth, your always part of the Omnithreads family.

We are also environmentalist that have GREENER GOALS! We are a strong, responsible and inclusive community that wants to create a greener world and make a positive impact on the environment and people's lives, by planting trees. Every purchase that you make, helps to plant SEVEN TREES. Join us and take positive action to fight climate change by planting trees and replenishing the forest! Thank you for all your support.